Amy Purcell
Student Editor, Edge Hill University

I am currently a first year student studying single honours Psychology. In my first year of college I had the opportunity to study Psychology and ever since then my education has revolved around this remarkable subject.

After my degree I hope to do further research in the Forensic area of…

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Sergio Silverio
Editor-at-Large, University of Liverpool

I am lucky enough to be one of the first cohort to go into the University of Liverpool’s brand new Integrated Masters of Psychological Sciences specialising in Clinical and Health Psychology. I am immensely interested in the Psychology of Women, but more recently have start to look to multiple disciplines…

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Josephine Greenbrook
Postgraduate Editor

I believe in the amazing capacity for resiliency in human nature. Ben Okri once wrote that “the most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering,” and my life so far is perfectly reflected…

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Natalie Powers
Student Editor, Liverpool Hope University

I’m from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, so I’m quite a bit away from home. I’m currently a first year student studying single honours Psychology. Since year ten, I have been given the option to learn about Psychology and have done every year since, resulting in me to choose this degree…

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Gemma Hudson
Student Editor, Liverpool Hope University

As an undergraduate of Psychology at Liverpool Hope University, I am beginning to learn many of the causes and risk factors of the development of psychopathology. I have a keen interest in Forensic Psychology as my dream has been to work in the Police from a young age. Now, I…

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Rebecca Coleman
Postgraduate Editor, Edge Hill University

I am in the final stages of my thesis at the University of Liverpool. I teach at both Edge Hill University and the University of Liverpool. My research explores serious violent offenders, with a particular interest in offender characteristics and previous convictions; I have investigated the differences in types of…

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