Things I Now Know

So I’m nearing the end of my degree, (I am trying not to focus too much about that at the moment, I’m pretty sure I was in first year last week…?) but so the end is near! And as glad as I am to have almost achieved my 3 years at University there are things I wish I’d known as a fresher, things I’d have done differently and of course countless lessons Uni has taught me along the way.

First off, I wish I’d joined a sports team in first year! I was a bit too shy back then to go it alone and join any spots teams despite enjoying netball, hockey etc in school. So I’ve gone my whole Uni experience regretting not snapping up the chance (and occasionally creating a sports team a la ‘curling’ for AU nights). I also wish I’d had taken advantage of first year freedom too, as that ‘it doesn’t even count anyway’ attitude seems like a distant memory (Also, I am most definitely not condoning the ‘it doesn’t count anyway’ attitude; don’t think like that… please).

If I could go back to fresher me I’d just say man up and do it! (At that point I was still used to being looked after by mum and dad… and pretty confused that cups of tea weren’t just appearing like they used to at home) 2 and a bit years ago I’d have never have plucked up the courage to make all these new friends, join a sports team, try and find my way around campus, take on extra-curricular activities etc.

But- therein lies the first, and dare I say most important lesson I have learnt at uni, as I had to make friends and I had to leave my comfort zone so inevitably I settled right…. The difference in me now is one of my proudest achievements. I’m confident, not afraid to try new things and I have mastered many forms of public transport! It doesn’t seem like the biggest achievement but for me this is what I’m most proud of (after the actual degree I suppose..?). So any freshers in the same position as me a few years back, just dive into new things and step out of your comfort zone, join the society or the gym or go knock on someone’s door and give them a pie! Don’t be afraid of anything!

P.S. ENJOY your course, there is so much that psychology has to offer! Plus many people get a bit freaked out when you first tell them what you study… for some reason.

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