Everybody Razzle Dazzle

You cannot say you have lived in Liverpool if you have never experienced a trip on ‘the ferry across the Mersey’ and this summer there is a chance to experience the Dazzle Ferry.

The Dazzle Ferry, named Snowdrop, was created as part of the WW1 commemorations by Sir Peter Blake. Snowdrop takes you on a 50-minute experience where you can learn about the history of Dazzle ship design as well as Liverpool’s famous waterfront.

To break up the cruise journey there are activities available at the two terminals that the cruise stops at, Seacombe and Woodside. Ticket prices include the free admission to the U-boat story at Woodside Ferry Terminal.

Do not worry if you miss the Dazzle Ferry experience as the original ferry across the Mersey will continue throughout the year (weather permitting). Mersey Ferries also offer other services, including boat hire.

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