Liverpool: Top Student City

Liverpool shot by Commander Hadfield from the International Space Station.

Last year Liverpool was ranked as the top student city and it easy to see why.   Liverpool is affordable, it is crammed with culture and nightlife and it is home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world. A recent Guardian study ranked Liverpool possibly the most amazing place to live and to work.  On key indicators of work happiness, work-life-balance and career happiness we scored 2nd in the UK.  Somehow Norwich won, so we should probably ask for a recount.

According to the Guardian, the people of Liverpool are friendly, collaborative and supportive.  The city has been through its troubles and traumas, but there is excitement about what the future holds.   In 2014 I started this blog because I wanted to create a network for our students at home and abroad.  I was excited about what the future held for online education and for psychology and I wanted to create a place where students could share ideas, discuss projects that peaked their interest, as well as describing the ups and downs of being a student. Most of all, I wanted to create connectivity between our worldwide student network and students across Merseyside.  Seems to be working, this month we have been awarded a prize by the University of Liverpool— onwards and upwards!

Image above: Liverpool from the International Space Station.

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