Food, Glorious Food

Liverpool is home to thousands of restaurants and different cuisines that everyone will find something that suits them. Also, there is a growing number of restaurants that are tailoring food to dietary preferences and needs, such as gluten free and vegan foods.

There are key areas in town where you will find groups of eateries. Liverpool One is an area that offers diverse foods from mostly chain franchises, such as Barburrito, Zizzi, Nando’s etc. Across the road, the Albert Dock is also home to a variety of different foods and although it tend to be a costlier area to wine and dine, you are paying for the quality so it is not a waste of money.

Finally, Bold Street, the closest area to the universities with the largest variety of foods. Down this street you can spend as little or as much as you want as the restaurants vary in what they have to offer; for example, Johnny English is a sit-in style chip chop with quick service, whereas Bakchich offers Lebanese dishes and has a restaurant atmosphere with servers.

Also available throughout the city are hidden gems offering flavourful food. Kimo’s is a great place to grab a quick tasty lunch and sit down with friends, also it is pretty close to campus, situated just behind the Eleanor Rathbone building (South Campus) on Myrtle Street so you can get food between lectures.

There are so many options Liverpool has to offer so I would suggest looking around and trying new experiences before you settle for one eatery. Also, if you like to plan ahead, take a look online to check where all the places to get food are and what they offer before venturing out.

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