Prof Peter Kinderman Takes Chlorpromazine


Since early childhood, I have lived with people who take powerful psychiatric medication and for many years in my professional life as a clinical psychologist I have worked with people who take a range of drugs, including anti-psychotics and anti depressants.

I’ve always been concerned at their (in my opinion obvious) adverse effects , which I have seen second-hand in others and read about in the scientific literature. Two recent events made me think that I would like to have first-hand experience.

First, I joined the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry which aims to explain some of the disputed scientific context of psychiatric practice in accessible ways for the public and I wrote a book.

Given that I was purporting to be an expert, with opinions on the subject, I thought I should find out more… at first hand…

My experiences can be read on my blog.


Contribution by Prof Peter Kinderman, UoL, for PsychLiverpool.

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