Peter Kinderman: Decent Into Torture

Peter Kinderman on the US Constitution Project – “In 2005 I was delighted that the British Psychological Society very willingly and without demur agreed to ratify an official statement repudiating torture and making it clear that, at least in the UK, psychologists are horrified by such practices. I’m proud to say that I led on the development of that statement (and therefore, I’m afraid, I’m also responsible for its weaknesses).”

Psychologists shall not knowingly provide any premises, instruments, substances or knowledge that facilitates the practice of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or that diminishes the ability of the victim to resist such treatment.”

It’s clearly not yet a story that has come to a final conclusion. But, it’s timely to remind colleagues that some of us did not participate in that “descent into torture”.

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