The Road Less Travelled

Psychology is the ‘Jack of all trades’ for employers. However, most people chose to study Psychology with the aim of having a career in clinical, research or teaching.

Here are some novel and exciting areas where you can take your Psychology degree:

  • Rocket Science Strategist – working with engineers and business experts on the technical and economic issues of creating a human space capsule that takes both NASA astronauts and private participants into space.
  • Circus Psychologist – helping performers adjust to their new job, overcome fear and stage fright and recover from injuries and fatigue.
  • Military Psychologist – working with military employees and providing outpatient psychotherapy.
  • Online Course Developer – developing interactive online courses on topics such as stress management, stopping smoking, panic, insomnia and asthma control.
  • Parapsychologist – studying psi phenomenon, which includes ESP or mind reading and psychokinesis or mind over matter.
  • Psychologist and Filmmaker – help clients during the day and produce films, write screenplays and author novels at night.
  • Traffic Psychologist – from road rage to the impact of commuter stress on workplace aggression to drinking and driving.

For more unusual jobs visit PsychCentral. Also, for more information and personal perspectives of those who work in these unusual fields click here.


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