What Is A Higher Education Achievement Record

The School of Psychology offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Such activities are important for professional development as you can gain a wide range of skills to compliment your degree and make you more desirable to future employers. The activities we offer allow you to gain both general (i.e. teamwork) as well as more specific skills and experience (i.e. teaching). See below for the activities we offer in the School.

Additionally, these activities are recognisable on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). HEAR documents have replaced the traditional academic transcript and diploma supplement. They contain detailed information about your learning and achievements, which along with your degree certificate will support, your applications for employment and further study. For more information about HEAR click here.

EdPsyc – EdPsyc is a team of students who deliver Psychology sessions to younger students (typically aged 7-17) both on campus and visiting schools/sixth forms.

You will attend training sessions on developing and presenting sessions. Members are encouraged to develop a session (either individually or as part of a team). You will co-deliver and eventually lead EdPsyc sessions. Additionally, there is the opportunity to hold stands at careers fairs and open days. Contact Jasmine Warren for more information – J.Warren2@liverpool.ac.uk

Year 2 Internship Scheme – You can be a research intern within the School of Psychology to gain research experience. You will be to incorporated into existing research projects and fully integrated into the mentor’s research team. You will run research studies under a member of staff mentorship during year 2. This activity will take up no more than 2 hours a week, on average, during the autumn and spring terms (outside exam periods). Students will be notified via email when applications open.

Extracurricular Reading Group – There are various reading groups within the department, which will be advertised via email. If you are interested you attend voluntary 1 hour meetings each fortnight where a research article (not necessarily limited to psychology) will be discussed it in a friendly environment. Keep an eye out for the email and for questions email Dr Minna Lyons – lyonsm@liverpool.ac.uk

PAL Volunteer – Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is available to those from Year 2 onwards. It is designed for students to help to guide Year 1 students through the Biology based modules within the course. You will complete a PAL training programme covering the knowledge and skill to provide PAL sessions. The training includes activities such as role playing and specific training using examples on how to facilitate discussions. Following training, yourself and others will provided a mini-mum of 6 one-hour sessions during term time. This, along with the hour training, allows the students to pass the 7 hours HEAR criteria. To register your interested email Dr Sonia Tucci – tuccis@liverpool.ac.uk

SBW Facilitator – We are looking for student volunteers who have previously attended the Psychology Stress Busting Workshops (SBW) to provide peer support during this year’s sessions. You will help facilitate part of the sessions and contribute ideas for discussion.

This is a great opportunity to develop pastoral support skills and help your fellow students. The only requirement is that you are confident and keen to share your experiences of presentation or exam anxiety, and how you have overcome it! Please get in touch with the Psychology Stress Busting Team for more information – psycsbw@liverpool.ac.uk

Student Ambassador – Student Ambassadors support the delivery of School events such as Open Days, Applicant Discovery Days and Outreach events. During the days you help to set up and assist visitors, including talking to potential students and their families about student life and experiences at the University of Liverpool. You will attend a training session with open day coordinator where you note your availability for attendance (you will not be required to attend all open days as a rota will be put in place). Contact your academic advisor for more in-formation.

SMHC Ambassador – The Student Mental Health Conference (SMHC) is an annual conference held within the School of Psychology. The day includes talks, discussions and networking with mental health charities.

As an ambassador you will attend a training session for the event, attend meetings before the event. The event will be explained to you on your first attendance. During the event you should be available for conference attendees to ask any questions and answer these to the best of your ability. Run a discussion group (facilitator) at the event, with a team.

During group discussions you will have a guide to help you and other facilitators start conversations within the group. When facilitating you must ensure the conversation does not drift too far from the topic of your group and try to ensure equal contributions throughout the discussions. Contact Dr Minna Lyons for more information – lyonsm@liveprool.ac.uk

PsychLiverpool Blogger – PsychLiverpool is the School of Psychology’s blog, designed to provide Psychology information, up-to-date depart-mental research, student advice, and information on events in Liverpool. You can explore various topics and will be provided with training on writing and posting blogs. If you would like to join our team and have a go a blogging contact Jasmine Warren – J.Warren2@liverpool.ac.uk

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