Grammar Schools: The Best Education

If you are not sure why there is a lot of ‘talk’ surrounding Grammar schools, here is a brief update…

…Go back to 1944, the introduction of the tripartite system for the UK. The tripartite system was our equivalent of high school and was made up of; grammar schools (academic), technical schools and secondary modern institutions (vocational).

The school you attended depended on your 11+ exam result. In short, the 11+ exam was a bias exam which favoured the culture of the middle to upper classes. So, unless you regularly listened to classical music or had tutors for Latin, it was unlikely that you would get to progress academically.

Finally, in 1988, the oppressive tripartite system was taken down by the Conservative Government under PM Margaret Thatcher’s rule (this is the arguably the only good thing I think she did but I’m a biased Liverpoodlian).

The 1988 Education Act meant that parents could choose a secondary school for their child to attend rather than putting their kids through the 11+. Yes, it seemed great, no more educational inequality!

That is not the case, we still have the inequality thanks to the post-code lottery; children attend schools within their catchment area. Therefore, living in a ‘nicer’, usually more expensive area means you children can attend a ‘nicer’ more prestigious school. Oh and a few Grammar schools still exist along with State schools.

Nevertheless, at least children do not have to take the terribly biased 11+ exam, they are not as ‘capped’ academically as they used to be.

So, the current situation is that PM Theresa May intends to expand the Grammar school population. Of course, not forgetting about social mobility, she intends to ensure they save so many places (approximately 25%) for ‘disadvantaged children.

Great! (if you can afford the fees or as long as you can pass the culturally bias exams) you’ll get a better education.

For more information and recent updates on the controversy check the BBC’s website.

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