Drunk Personalities

As psychology students we have all learnt, or at least have some knowledge that there are different personality types. However, you have probably not heard of the different types of ‘drunk’.

Graduate student at the University of Missouri, Rachel Winograd, observed how consuming alcohol can alter our personality and decided to investigate further. With her supervisor, she conducted a study of undergraduate students involving analysis of personality traits when participants were sober, drunk, and intermediate stages e.g. tipsy.

Together they found four distinct types of ‘drunk’, all of which are named after characters. The types are as follows:

Ernest Hemingway – this type changes little when drunk, retaining their intellect and rationality.

Mary Poppins – the responsible drunk who is always cheery and agreeable.

The Nutty Professor – this is the type that give the name ‘Dutch courage’ to alcohol, they progressively leave their introverted shell as they drink more.

My Hyde – probably the worse type of drunk who becomes less agreeable, less conscientious and more irresponsible.

To find out which type of drunk you are click here.

Winograd, R. P., Steinley, D. L., & Sher, K. J. (2014). Drunk personality: Reports from drinkers and knowledgeable informants. Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology, 22(3), 187.

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