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As you probably know, the British Psychological Society is the governing body for Psychological practices in the UK and determines the credibility of your degree course. They offer many services to its members and the great thing about their memberships is that you do not have to be a practicing Psychologist to be a member as they offer a student BPS membership.

If you apply for a membership, which is about £25 for the year, you will have access to all of their services, including receiving monthly digests with the latest articles and research. I find these useful when doing coursework and revising as you can find unique quirky research to use. Also, with your membership you are able to attend their events, at an extra cost.

Although the membership has its perks, their jobs section is open to everyone. Within the ‘Jobs’ section you can chose between; the latest professional vacancies (does not apply to students), Society office jobs and Voluntary posts. Also available are tips for seeking jobs and working for agencies.

Personally, I would recommend becoming a student member of the BPS as you can widen your experience of Psychology and it looks great on your CV to be recognised as a member of a professional body.

For more information about the BPS memberships, click here.

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