Psychology Broadcasts

All in the mind Claudia Hammond asks whether the use of physical restraint in mental health services should be eliminated. She’s joined by Jimmy Noak, director of nursing at Broadmoor Hospital, and by service user consultant, Jane McGrath, to find out what restraint involves, when it’s used, when it goes wrong and why some people even ask for restraint for themselves when they are in crisis.

Mind Changers Radio 4 broadcasts focusing on seminal studies in psychology.

Anna Freud and Child Observation By insisting on observation in nurseries, Anna Freud promoted understanding of children.

Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs Claudia examines the Hierarchy of Needs, part of Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation.

James Pennebaker and Expressive Writing James Pennebaker proved that simply writing about how you feel can improve your health.

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