Do You Think People Are Born Into Their Sexuality?

This is one of the most controversial, and seemingly unsolvable mysteries of our generation. The answer to this used to be a lot simpler – people generally thought that homosexuality was a mental illness, and until 1973 it existed in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

The Programme ‘Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay’ starring Doctor Christian Jessen outlines how even today, there are some groups of people who believe homosexuality can be ‘cured’ using various techniques and therapies.

As a homosexual Doctor, he has the advantage of testing these techniques on himself to see if he can be ‘cured of his gayness’ – one of the techniques was actually a treatment available on the NHS, which goes to show how opinions have changed over time.

If your answer to this questions is No, then how do you believe people’s sexual orientation comes about?

If your answer is Yes, then could it be argued that paedophiles are also born into their sexuality?

Do you think it is possible to empirically test this theory either way?

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