The Power Of The Internet

Have you ever been told that people, on average, eat up to 8 spiders in their sleep every year? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that THIS IS A MYTH!

The reality of it is, that in 1993 a journalist named Lisa Holst made up this ridiculous fact in order to show that people will believe anything they read on the internet – and it worked like a treat!

The point I’m trying to make from this, is that when you’re writing an essay, have a sudden mind blank and think “I’ll just have a look on wikipedia and copy something from there” you really do need to think twice about the information you then claim to be a fact.

It’s always worth checking your source to see if it is truly reliable, or simply try and stick to journal articles as these will have been critically reviewed. Even if their research turns out to be complete and utter rubbish, at least you can use it as a bad example in your essays and practical reports to strenghthen the good pieces of research.

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