Strange Disorder: Stockholm Syndrome

This really is a strange disorder; Stockholm Syndrome (also known as captor-bonding) is a psychological condition in which hostages or victims of kidnappings experience positive feelings towards the people who are holding them – this is usually due to their reliance on their captors whilst in that situation, and once released they still evoke empathy and sympathy towards their captor..

It originated in 1973, during a siege in Stockholm, Sweden, in which bank robbers hostages later refused to cooperate with police.

“The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 8% of victims show signs of Stockholm syndrome.”


Another Strange Disorder, somewhat the opposite of Stockholm Syndrome, is Lima Syndrome – whereby the abductors develop positive feelings towards their hostages, and sometimes sympathy.

In Lima, Peru after an abduction at the Japanese Embassy in 1996, out of hundreds of hostages, most of them were released, including some of the most valuable ones within a few hours.

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