Summer Internships

Work experience within University is a great way to gain experience in the field of academia. As well as experience you will more than likely make useful connections with staff members as well as making some extra money for your summer.

Internships are aimed at first and second year students and usually involve taking part in the research process e.g. analysing data or interviewing participants. You may also get to complete your own ‘mini-study’ which is really beneficial to your experience and don’t worry you will not be expected to write a 4,000-word report at the end of it!

Each department in your University will offer their own internships each year and within the Psychology department you will find the sub-divisions e.g. Appetite and Obesity internships. Although you may not find an opportunity in a preferred topic it is worth exploring the other options you have as a psychology student looking into academia.

Alternatively, if you are determined to get experience in a specific field that does not offer an internship, go and speak to a member of staff in that department. You probably will not get paid for your time but it is the work experience that is important.

The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Hope and Edge Hill all offer internships.

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