Not Knowing What To Do In The Future

We are taught from such a young age to plan ahead and pick a career path; this now happens in year eight when you choose your GCSE subjects. This, to me, seems so wrong because you probably do not even know all of the opportunities and careers out there when you’re aged thirteen. However, you have been through these stages and now you are at University so you are on some sort of career path, right?

 Not necessarily; in fact, 44% of students have no idea what they want to do after they graduate ( Therefore, if you are still not sure try not to feel overwhelmed by the pressure as you are not the only one! Also, luckily for you, you are doing Psychology which is a versatile subject that can be applied to most work places.

The additional advice I can offer is to gain some work experience to find out what you enjoy. You have three years of your degree so make the most of the time and try out at least a couple of work places that your degree can take you to.

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