Becoming A Participant

For those of you who are psychology students at the University of Liverpool, you will be aware of the EPR scheme. For those of you who aren’t, or for those aspiring to become a student at this university, the EPR scheme (Experiment Participation Requirement) is essentially a system whereby first year students have the chance to volunteer themselves as participants for a number of studies conducted by 3rd year students, researchers, and lecturers.

Each student is required to gain 50 points (1 point per 10 mins participation). It is important to bare in mind that when you volunteer for these studies, you will have to put together a presentation on the EPR scheme in 2nd semester, so dont just do all the online questionnaires to slowly build up your points!

Additionally, participating in a range of different studies allows you to experience different methodologies and consider what kind of experiment you might want to conduct when you’re in your 3rd year.Personally, I even found it useful when doing the research methods module, because when it gets into the more complicated maths and stats, if you’ve participated in a study that used different counterbalancing techniques for example, it makes it easier to visualise in your head what the lecturer is trying to explain.

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