Africa Oyé: Expand Your Culture

Africa Oyé is a festival in Sefton Park that celebrates the vibrant African and Caribbean culture. Taking place in the summertime, Africa Oyé is host to approximately 40,000 people each day which help to enhance the festival feel.

The music at Oyé ranges to embrace the different elements of African and Caribbean style music; from steel drums to the well know beats of Reggae. Many artists travel the globe to perform at the festival; Julian Marley is one of the talented performers to have ayyended the event.

Food at Africa Oyé is plentiful and rich in flavour. The traditional dishes at Oyé include Jamaican Jerk Chicken which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. However, do not worry if the traditional food does not appeal to you there are food stalls offering; English, Mexican, Italian and more.

There are over 40 stalls that attend the festival offering a wide range of products. Some offer beautifully carved ornaments while others sell creative clothing, all of which are available at fair prices, just remember to bring cash.

Africa Oyé is an amazing festival to introduce you to a new culture whilst still embracing the variety of cultures it attracts and best of all… It’s free!

For more information on the festival you can follow their Twitter and Facebook or take a look at their website.

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