A Day At The Match: Liverpool’s Football

Football is a pretty big part of Liverpool’s culture, especially having two major grounds only a mile apart. Liverpool FC, established in 1892, and Everton FC, first established in 1878; they have been rival clubs for over 100 years, adding both teams to the history of Liverpool.

Without a doubt, if you show some interest in football and are talking to a local, you will be asked if you are a ‘red’ or a ‘blue’ and your answer is crucial. Alternatively, if you have not decided which team you prefer, you can always opt for your local team wherever that may be, as long as it’s not Manchester United you’ll be fine.

Regardless of who you support, both teams play throughout the year and while you are in Liverpool I would recommend going to watch a match at one of the grounds. Also, although costly it is definitely worth going to watch a derby between both teams as the atmosphere is incredible.

The vibe around the city is thriving on the match days of these two teams, especially on derby days, and it is worth going down to your local pub to watch one if you do not fancy going to a stadium. These are the days that always lead to the good nights out to!

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