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As we know, Psychology explores how people think, act, feel, and relate to one another; it is a part of all our lives. So, everyone should have the opportunity to think and talk about it. Café Psychologique aims to facilitate this by providing a safe space for people to talk about life in an open, equal (and free) way.

Cáfe Psychologique started in Leeds and there are now several throughout the country, with the Liverpool Café founded in April 2017. The popularity has led to a founder of the original Café recently setting up a branch in Sydney, Australia.

There are no lectures or experts, just people with an interest in a topic who want to have a conversation about it. Topics for the Café are planned in advance and are based on suggestions made by attendees. Previous topics have included: Divisions in Society, The Role of Labels, Our Relationship with Food, Feminism, and Storytelling.

The Café hopes to be an informal evening full of ideas, different perspectives, laughs, chats and a few drinks (alcohol and otherwise). With a different subject matter explored each month, the Café is sure to provoke, inspire, and ignite the opinions of all who take part. If you like group discussion and perhaps want to hear different perspectives on life, then this is for you.

The evening takes place in two segments with a comfort/drinks break in the middle. At the start the facilitator will explain what to expect from the evening, including some guidelines to foster conversation. Then an interested individual briefly introducing the topic before it is handed over to the group to discuss.

The Café takes place on the last Wednesday of each month in the CASA bar on Hope Street, Liverpool from 6:30pm to 8pm. Attendance is free to all, we welcome voluntary contributions to cover room rental.

Interested? Got some questions or maybe a topic idea for a future Café? Then, drop us a line either via email or the Facebook group

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Contribution by Gina Bannister & Cormac Duffy, Café Psychologique Liverpool.

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